Cake Cutting Guidelines

It is common for people to think a wedding cake is not for eating but simply a pretty display. Unless it’s already cut and prepared on a plate for them, they are often too timid to cut a piece for themselves. Assign someone to this task in the back kitchen or area away from your reception space. Sharing these guidelines with your caterer, venue staff, or a friend designated to cut the cake and serve it is very important. It will taste amazing and look gorgeous, so you want to get the most of what you’ve paid for the crowd to enjoy.  

This guide instructs how to cut wedding tiers into pieces approximately 1 inch x 2 inches x two layers high (about 4 inches). This will give you the greatest amount of servings from your CREATIVE, CUSTOM, CHIC dessert!

A Few Notes:

  • You will need: a small towel and a tall cup or jug holding warm water
  • Each cake tier is supported underneath by a cake board. Plastic dowels are inserted in base tiers for support. When you find them during the cutting process simply remove dowels in the cake before serving.

 Cutting Round Tiers: 

  1. The first step in cutting is to remove all inedible decorations (e.g. cake topper, ribbon, lace, flowers, etc.)
  2. Remove the top cake tier with a serving spatula or knife, and then begin the cutting with the 2nd tier followed by the 3rd, 4th and so on.
  3. You will need to clean your knife every few minutes by dipping in hot water and dry with towel.
  4. Holding your knife vertically, move in two inches from the cake tier’s outer edge. Cut a circle around the circumference and then slice 1 inch pieces across, within that ring.
  5. Now move in another 2 in., repeat the process by cutting another circle and cutting across it to get individual pieces, until the tier is completely cut.
  6. The center core of each tier and the small top tier can be cut into 3rds, 4ths, and 6ths, depending on size.